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I first started operating in 2019, when my works started to received more attention. art_done_my_way has slowly become a thriving art business starting in the small town of Goondiwindi. I offer a variety of products for people of all ages and I also offer individual private art lessons. art_done_my_way is a creative business that explores new ideas.



My Artsy Journey

art_done_my_way started in 2019 as a basic Art Business offering just a small sample of products. However, over a few short months, more products were created and developed and it is now a small business in the small town of Goondiwindi. 
art_done_my_way is a one person business run by and created by myself, Grace Norman. This business is used to express my way of art. No one should tell someone what art is or how they should create a work. A piece of art shouldn’t be made with by rules it should be made with the freedom of ones imagination. I have a large selection of works including cards, portraits, paintings, watercolours and so much more. All works are personalised with your own description and interpretation. They are all created with your image in mind. 


art_done_my_way Events

Workshops and Special Events


Private individual art lessons

Private art lessons are for people of all ages. If your child or yourself is interested in art or improving their/your art skills this is the class for you. It is also a great way for the kids to learn something new and for the adults to have some peace for a few hours. Painting and drawing lessons as well as other opinions are available. For more information contact me on the contact information provided.


Lanescape is a yearly event in the small town of Goondiwindi. Lanescape is a little celebratory event where all artists, crafty people, cooks and musicians come together and enough the wonderful way of art. I am there each year alone side many others publicly presenting and selling my works as well as creating works live and on the spot such as personalised cartoon art. 



The Markets are a monthly occurring event that allows the people of Goondiwindi to sell there creations, plants, food, business products and to promote their company’s and businesses. I am there on somebody occasions if you wish to see me in person or see some of my works in person before making a purchase. For more information please use the contact information below. 

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